Episode 11: Should Drugs be Legal?

John, Dustin, Breanna and guest panelist Charles discuss drug legalization.

Episode 10: The 2nd Amendment

Join John, Jen, Dustin and Brian as they discuss the 2nd amendment.

Episode 9: Common Core

Join Rich, Zilpha, Jenn and Brian as they discuss the common core.

Episode 8: Perscriptive vs. Descriptive Grammar

Join John, Dustin, Brian and Breanna as they discuss Prospective vs. Descriptive Grammar.

Episode 7: Is Logic Superior to Emotion?

Join Dustin, Brian, Jenn and Breanna as they discuss which is more important: Logic or Emotion.

Episode 6: The Free Market and Our Bodies

Join John, Dustin, Zilpha and Jenn as they discuss the free market and what you should or should not be able to do with your body.

Episode 5: When Is It OK to Break the Law

Join John and the panel as they discuss when it is ok to break the law.

Episode 4: Can Money Buy Happiness

Join John, Dustin, Jenn and Zilpha as they explore the idea that money can buy happiness.

Episode 3: Nihlism

John, Dustin, Rich and Breanna discuss Nihlism.

Producers note:  We experienced an unnoticed equipment malfunction during this recording.  The resulting audio here is salvaged and is very rough.  Our apologies for this.  We will be back next week with the issues resolved.

Episode 2: Marriage, Does it Even Matter Anymore?

Join, John, Zilpha, Jenn and Breanna as they discuss marriage in modern society.