Episode 15: The Holidays

John and Zilpha discuss the meaning of the holidays.

Episode 14: The Lucifer Effect

John and Zilpha discuss the Lucifer Effect and the nature of evil.

Episode 13: The Paradox of Choice

Zilpha and John discuss Barry Schwartz’s “The Paradox of Choice”.

Episode 12: The Luxury of Atheism

Zilpha and John talk about how atheism might be the luxury of the rich and what meaning religion provides.

Episode 11: The Value of Time

Zilpha and John discuss the value of of time as atheists who do not believe in the afterlife.

Episode 10: Sex Negativity

John and Zilpha discuss what it means to have a sex positive or sex negative culture and what it means for relationships.

Episode 9: Intimacy

Zilpha and John try to define intimacy.

Episode 8: Bias

Zilpha and John discuss bias.

Episode 7: Low Expectations

John and Zilpha talk about what to expect from life.

Episode 6: The Balance of Parenting

John and Zilpha discuss how much of a hands on approach to take when parenting. Special guest appearance by their daughter, Katie.